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teledyski Teledyski 
teledyski Kalkulator bmi
stare gry Stare gry
Śmieszne filmy Śmieszne filmy
Śmieszne zagadki Śmieszne zagadki
happy tree friends Happy Tree Friends
Śmieszne teksty Śmieszne teksty
Śmieszne obrazki Śmieszne obrazki
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gry online Gry online
dema gier Dema gier
pełne wersje gier Pełne wersje gier
stare gry Stare gry
trailery Trailery
solucje do gier Solucje i poradniki
kody do gier Kody do gier
zapowiedzi gier Zapowiedzi gier
recenzje gier Recenzje gier
quake 3 arena Kącik gracza
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inne filmy Inne filmy
ppsy Ppsy
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straszne flashe Straszne Flasze
śmieszne teksty Śmieszne teksty
śmieszne obrazki Śmieszne obrazki
dowcipy o chucku norrisie Dowcipy o Chucku Norrisie
śmieszne obrazki Śmieszne zagadki
happy tree friends Happy Tree Friends
kawały Kawały
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programy Programy
spolszczenia Spolszczenia programów
emulatory Emulatory
skiny do winampa Skiny do winampa
skiny do gadu gadu Skiny do gadu gadu
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sterowniki Sterowniki
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tapety Tapety na pulpit
zdjęcia Party girls
wygaszacze ekranu Wygaszacze ekranu
emotikony Emotikony
avatary Avatary
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dzwonki do wpisania Soft gsm
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za darmo Za darmo w sieci
czcionki Czcionki
za darmo Kursy i porady
kursy programowania Kursy Programowania
kurs html Skrypty javascript
kurs html Kurs Html
sport :: Sport ::
sport Piłka nożna
sport Skateboarding
sport Snowboarding
sport Tenis stołowy
sport Taniec towarzyski
sport Skoki Narciarskie
sport Paragliding
sport Parkour
sport Sporty ekstremalne

Frazeologizmy. Frazeologizmy Polskie , Angielskie


  Frazeologizmy Polskie :

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Frazeologizmy Angielskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

a ąuestion of taste
a change for the better
a change for the worse
a drop in the bucket
a great deal of something
a lamę excuse
a matter of life and death
a piece of cake
a race against time
a run of bad łuck
a run of good łuck
a stone's throw (away)
a storm broke
a stroke of łuck
a tough nut to crack
a window of opportunity
accept an offer
accept the fact that...
accidents will happen
according to the custom
achieve a goal
act one's age
add fuel to the flames
add insult to injury
add variety to something
admit defeat
after a fashion
again and again
against the law
ahead of time
all alone
all in all
all over again
all over the world
all rights reserved
all sorts of things
all's well that ends well
among other things
an element of surprise
and so on
and that kind of thing
and that's the end of the matter
another time
any łuck?
any old thing
anything can happen
anything is possible
apply for aj ob
are you all right?
arms race
arrive at a conclusion
art for art's sake
as a general rule
as a last resort
as a matter of fact
as a result
as a result of something
as a rule of thumb
as chance/luck would have it
as ever
as far as I know
as far as I'm aware
as far as possible
as likely as not
as long as I live
as many again
as regards...
as soon as possible
as the case may be
as things stand
as usual
ask somebody over for dinner
at a distance
at a guess
at a later stage
at a profit
at a run
at a steady pace
at all costs
at all points
at any moment
at any rate
at any time
at death's door
at every step
at first glance
at full speed
at least
at night
at once
at random
at short notice
at somebody's command
at somebody's request
at the cost of something
at the crack of dawn
at the earliest opportunity
at the end of the year
at the mercy of something
at the moment
at the point of something
at the risk of something
at the same time
at the sight of something
at the start of something
at the top
at the top of one's voice
at the turn of the century
at this rate
attract/catch somebody's attention

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